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Coils that meet your dimensions, performs according to your specifications, and arrives on time. We offer Stock Booster coils in 61 sizes and custom replacement is our specialty, Wilsenergy is an obvious choice for DX, ammonia, steam, steam distributing water, glycol and condenser coils. Read More

Coating Services

Coating allows the most out of your HVAC/R units with corrosion control, while reducing operating, servicing and replacement costs. Read More

Restoration & Modifications

Custom Air Handlers, Condensing Units, Restoration and Modifications. View Before & After Pictures

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Wilsenergy specializes in custom industrial replacement, commercial and OEM coils. With a large range of sizes, a variety of fin thickness, tube thickness and material options, we can duplicate virtually any type of coil regardless of size, age or origin. Our coating department protects . . .
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Images Products:
Wilsenergy offers a wide variety of coils for new, replacement or OEM projects.

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Wilsenergy offers in-house coating at our Temecula facility or on-site in the Southern California area. Please call our office to schedule coating, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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ImagesOrder & Delivery Process:
We are committed to providing our customers with quick responses. Once your order has been placed, one of our sales representatives will follow the job through, keeping you updated on shipping dates and tracking information. Expedited shipping and in-house expedited production is available. Just ask!

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