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Coil Products

Coils that meet your dimensions, performs according to your specifications, and arrives on time. We offer Stock Booster coils in 61 sizes and custom replacement is our specialty, Wilsenergy is an obvious choice for DX, ammonia, steam, steam distributing water, glycol and condenser coils. Read More

Coating Services

Coating allows the most out of your HVAC/R units with corrosion control, while reducing operating, servicing and replacement costs. Read More

Restoration & Modifications

Custom Air Handlers, Condensing Units, Restoration and Modifications. View Before & After Pictures

  • Coils
  • Coating
  • Restore & Modify

Industrial Coils

A wide variety of heavy duty coils to withstand the rigors of Industrial applications. Our sole intent for the industrial coil is to be able to provide a high quality coil designed for easy maintenance, low operating costs and longevity. With capabilities to build fluid coils for water, glycol, oil and other liquids as well as refrigerant coils and steam coils for high pressures.

Standard Features:

  • Standard Steam Coils
  • Steam Distributing Coils
  • Direct Expansion Coils
  • Water or Glycol Coils
  • Ammonia Coils
  • Other Fluids