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Coil Products

Coils that meet your dimensions, performs according to your specifications, and arrives on time. We offer Stock Booster coils in 61 sizes and custom replacement is our specialty, Wilsenergy is an obvious choice for DX, ammonia, steam, steam distributing water, glycol and condenser coils. Read More

Coating Services

Coating allows the most out of your HVAC/R units with corrosion control, while reducing operating, servicing and replacement costs. Read More

Restoration & Modifications

Custom Air Handlers, Condensing Units, Restoration and Modifications. View Before & After Pictures

  • Coils
  • Coating
  • Restore & Modify

Chilled Water Coils

Whether you need a direct replacement chilled water coil or assistance selecting the correct coil for a new application, Wilsenergy is the right choice. We are a leader in the replacement and OEM coil markets. We provide timely quotes, selections and submittals, and we offer expedited shipping and production for an additional fee.

Standard Features:

  • 5/8” O.D. X .020” copper tube wall thickness as standard
  • 1/2” O.D. X .017” copper tube wall thickness as standard
  • Tempered aluminum die-formed plate fins available with corrugated or flat surfaces with a waffle edge and extruded fin collars
  • 16-gauge G-90 galvanized sheet steel casing
  • Coils may contain as many as 12 rows deep with a single fin pack
  • Split fin design contains as many as 24 rows deep
  • Heights up to 52.5” in a single fin
  • Fin spacing ranges from 4 FPI to 14 FPI
  • Tubes are mechanically expanded into the fins
  • Tube sheets are full coil depth and die-formed and full collared
  • Connections can be exactly matched to existing coil or piping arrangement
  • Leak-tested in a water tank